Aesthetic Autonomy as a performance of Self Transformation at Laboratorio Arte Alameda on 31 Oct, 2018. An experimental antidote to the encroachment on our personal autonomy. This experience is designed to initiate a transformation on the inner body of a volunteer through sound and on the physical body through visible aesthetic change as a means to increase free will and build new habits of thought. Working with neuroplasticity through visualization, reflection, deep listening, and asking “what is it you really want” creates an environment to get to know the Self. The performance is a participatory installation of sound, personal aesthetics, mirrors and light. A simple, pro-active commitment to personal freedom and self knowledge.  The singular spaien (human soul, human animal) who sits in the seat of Autonomous Aesthetic relates to theirSelf in the body, their body in the vibrational world, and separates themselves from the world as overwritten by the history of the anthroposcene. The super power of Empathy, relatability, the space to feel feelings, the vibratory body, physicality, freedom, and vision of positive futures is increased by regular treatments in the Aesthetic Autonomy System.