As a research, creative practice, and projection into the future of the beauty industry, Aesthetic Autonomy it is an antidote so you can un-invite industry and consumerism from the relationship you have to your body. Hair has always been used as a symbol, a sign of health, wealth, power, identity - a battleground of beauty standards and racism, appropriation, femininity, sexuality.

Our story, the weight  of what we may carry with us,  with out  realizing it. Wig, 2012, Lauren Klein

Our story, the weight of what we may carry with us, with out realizing it. Wig, 2012, Lauren Klein

The within the Aesthetic Autonomy‚Äôs future of hair, beauty, and personal style, the way to really change what you see when you look at yourself is through personal spiritual practice to make an internal shift as you experience your hair/haircare as a grounding, earthy, gentle, self-loving ritual which connects your true nature and natural beauty. 

 In my private Aesthetic Autonomy studio, I work with spatial sound composition, live plant energy, herbal oil energetic head massage, Conscious Haircutting (or no haircut at all) any many more modalities to hold space for you. We look in the mirror and become aware of the language, the stories, experiences and what you love about your natural hair. I hold space for you to make these shifts and for you to be with your self. 

Results, based on client experience, are increase calmness, happiness, feeling brighter and more compassionate. feeling very relaxed, noticing personal struggles confront you and getting through them, gentleness and empathy towards the self, increased awareness, Self Love and Acceptance, feeling beautiful, inner Spaciousness around specific problems in their lives and a sense of understanding and boosted Emotional Intelligence.

Schedule a private session to relax your nervous system, learn about your hair and habits, increase your personal autonomy, and set intention for your Vision of Positive Future in this highly functional system, and come out on the other side feeling and looking gorgeous in your natural texture.