Aesthetic Autonomy

Aesthetic Autonomy is a modular system of Self Liberation through Personal Resonance. An extended hair experience, or from another perspective, Aesthetic Autonomy is an extended sound installation experience, where at the end, you are physically transformed. it is a space created for you to commune with your True Nature.

 Several modes including spatial sound, Conscious Hair, Foresight, Vibrational Tuning, Mirror Work, Language, and Holding Space, are woven together to facilitate the opportunity of transformation to theCentered Self.

Results, based on client experience, are increase calmness, Feeling brighter and more compassion, gentleness and empathy towards the self, increased awareness, Self Love and Acceptance, Inner Spaciousness, understanding and boosted Emotional Intelligence.

Relax your Vibratory body, physicality, increase your freedom, and open space to actualize your Vision of Positive Futures in this highly functional system.

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